Solar Projects Division

We, Transun Energy Solutions W.L.L is a highly specialized solar epc contractor & consultant for solar activities & energy auditing.
In Bahrain, Transun has Executed one of the Largest Rooftop Solar Power Plant with Capacity of 1.25 Megawatts (1.25 MW) for M/S Techmaaxx Projects & Services WLL -Bahrain for a School at Saar in 2020.
Transun has created success stories in Developing Solar Power Plants. With the Experience and Expertise of the Past Twelve years, we were able to Execute more than 3500 Rooftop and Utility Solar Power Plants in Various Countries with a cumulative capacity of +150 Megawatts (150 MW). The largest capacity of a single Utility Solar Power Plants project executed by Transun is a 20 Megawatts (20 MW) Project for JJ Power in Telengana- India.

We excel in Engineering, Procurement and Construction of solar power plants. Our credentials in establishing them for past years are the proof of the same. Innovation, Quick implementation, Customization based on need and Scope for Continuous improvement in Project process gave as a Notable position in the Industry. We explores the opportunities to cut down the Infrastructure cost for Solar Power Plant. By Leveraging the Globally benchmarked practices of Industry we focus on achieving project completion with
stipulated time and cost.

We are working as consultants and Resource persons to various Organizations like Ministry of MSME (Govt. of India), NSDC, TNPHC etc.
We are Solar Consultant for RENEWABLE ENERGY COMPANY UK Ltd. (1085494), 102 Cranbrook Road, 02 nd Floor, Itford, IGI 4NH, United Kingdom.

TRANSUN is Managed by a Group of Leaders who have more than 40 years of experience in Managing various Industrial sectors such as Solar Power Projects, Energy Auditing, Construction, Trading etc.

We use the latest technology and machinery for the projects and our workforce is led by Qualified Managers,Project Coordinators, Engineers and Supervisors.

Energy Auditing Division

Our Team of Auditors (Accredited & Certified Energy Auditors) , Bureau of Energy Efficiency, Govt. of India are Highly Qualified in the Field of Energy Auditing with Doctorate (Ph.D) Retired from NPC-India, Retired Scientist from Dept. of ATOMIC ENERGY-Govt. of India. They are having more than 35 years of Experience. They have Audited more than 500 Projects in the various sectors such as Refineries, Oil & Gas, Power Plants, Petrochemical, Pharma, Tyre, Cement, Steel – Aluminum Factories, Hotels, Hospitals, IT Parks, Commercial Buildings etc. For Energy Auditing Details please refer our WEB.

TRANSUN ENERGY SOLUTIONS WLL is committed to keep up the ethical values of business by Maintaining the Principles of Honesty, Integrity and Respect. We are always committed to our Customers in Delivering Quality of work within the Prescribed time

Solar Water Pumps

Solar Water Pumps are often used in Remote areas where the cost of running Traditional AC-powered Water Pumping is cost-prohibitive, or you just want to provide water to an Off-Grid System. Solar water pumping systems are also used to pump water for livestock and crop irrigation in Remote locations. Our Solar Pump drives with inbuilt MPPT delivers maximum power from the Sun to both Submersible and Surface Water Pumps. Transun Solar Power Pumps support various applications including Field Irrigation or Supplying Potable water, while drawing water from underground multiple water sources as per requirement.

Solar Tree

A Solar tree is an Energy Generator with a visual appearance similar to a Tree, with the Solar Panels serving as its leaves. The Solar Tree has Several Advantages as it offers more than just Energy output from its Panels. Like a real tree. Solar Trees can offer Shade, making them ideal for integration into an open park or property. They also solve space problems and can have customizable options to add features in the shade below the panels, such as attached seating or a table. l Applications of solar tree.

  • Solar Trees as EV Charging station
  • Solar Trees for Garden Lighting
  • Solar Trees for Irrigation Pumps
  • Solar Tree for Laptop and Mobile charging station

Wind Solar Hybrid Power Plants

The wind-solar hybrid power system which harvest the solar and wind energy with the wind turbines Installed on the telecom towers or freestanding and photovoltaic system harvest power from sun.

  • This system can altogether could assure uninterrupted power supply
  • The wind solar hybrid system can be made as On grid as well as off grid.
  • The intermittent nature of solar and wind power can be effectively mitigated. Energy storage on-site (batteries) ensures that power is available when the sun isn’t shining or the wind isn’t blowing.
  • Expert system design and dimensioning with consideration of the local sunlight and/or wind patterns maximizes energy capture through a broad range of common conditions
  • The rooftop as well as Ground Mounted wind solar hybrid solution can be Provided